woman jumping for joySometimes, those who are caring for a loved one or an elderly relative are plagued by feelings of inadequacy. When you are looking after someone who is struggling, you might ask yourself if you are doing the right things to help or you might ask yourself if you’re doing enough. It’s a natural emotion for those who have taken on the responsibility of someone’s well-being; one that everyone who’s been in that situation will be able to relate to. However, that doesn’t make it accurate. People who take up the task of caring for someone when they are in need may not be able to recognise it all the time, but they are doing their loved ones an incredible service. Even the simplest duties of a caregiver can go a long way, providing an enormous comfort that otherwise wouldn’t be there. Here are some of the signs that prove you are an excellent caregiver.

You Are Patient

Having patience with a patient isn’t always easy. It’s difficult for us to put ourselves in the shoes of someone who may be in pain and has certainly lost a large part of their independence. This can lead to feelings of frustration and even resentment from those who are receiving care. The ability to remain calm during these moments is a sign of an excellent caregiver; knowing that it’s not personal and that no matter what you are doing the right thing. Patience is also key to managing the stress and the disorder that frequently comes from looking after a loved one.

You Have A Sense Of Humour

Caregiving is an emotionally traumatic experience for even the strongest of hearts. There’s no shame in feeling trapped under the weight of responsibility and needing an escape from time to time. The incredible thing about many carers is their ability to take a step back and crack a joke during the hardest times. Laughter is the best medicine, they say, and it couldn’t be more true. Amidst the pain that comes with caring for another person, having a sense of humour is probably the only thing that can keep you from breaking.

You’re Not Afraid To Delegate Responsibilities

Some caregivers find it difficult to let others provide a helping hand. When it’s someone you are very close to, it can often be hard to trust someone else with their well-being. This is an admirable quality, but it’s one that can easily lead to fatigue and depression. You are putting your own emotional and physical well-being at risk if this happens. Therefore, carers should not be afraid to delegate some of the responsibilities to others. Ask a friend or family member to help out once in a while with the hands-on stuff, and don’t forget there are several avenues for financial assistance too.

You Are Strong And Determined

There are inevitably going to be dark days when you take on the responsibility of caring for another. There will be times when your loved ones refuses to co-operate, and there will be times when things feel like they’re getting to be too much. An excellent quality about caregivers is their persistence through these difficult times. It’s fighting to make sure the person you’re caring for is given what they need. It’s persevering through endless phone calls to get in touch with doctors. It’s dishing out some tough love to make sure medicine is taken on time.

You Are Giving Care

However, the most remarkable quality that caregivers possess is, well, the act of giving care. Quite simply, being caring makes you an excellent carer. You’re someone who has stepped up to the plate when another person is in need and taken on the challenge of nursing them through this difficult time. You’re the one who is putting the needs of someone else before yours despite knowing how hard it can be. By its very nature, what you do is amazing. No matter what kind of carer you are and what approach you take to fulfill your duties, the very fact that you are doing it makes you an excellent caregiver.

Brenda Priddy has provided care for her parents since 2012. Having been in that situation, she is now passionate about helping others through this difficult time. Brenda also runs the technology and telecoms website Number Direct in her spare time where she discusses recent news and events within the industry.

image credit: Deposit photos/piksetstock


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