cartoon of boy running away from mosquitoes

Itchy mosquito bites are a common complaint during the summer months.  Not only do they become red and irritated, they can also become infected and very, very painful.  Most infection occurs because people scratch the bites.  It is therefore better to address the itching as soon as possible.  Here are some tried and true home remedies that work wonders for itchy mosquito bites:


  • Green tea  or Chamomile tea bags- wet them in cold water and hold them on the bite.  The cold will soothe the itching and the compounds in the tea will help with inflammation


  • Oatmeal paste- mix a tablespoon of oatmeal with enough water to form a paste.  Apply it directly to the bite.  Compounds in the oatmeal will help soothe the itching.


  • Honey- Honey is a great healer and its strong anti-microbial properties are great for keeping bug bites from getting infected while promoting healing


  • Fresh basil, peppermint or oregano leaves- crush any of these fresh herbs up and rub them directly on the bite.  They have special properties that will assist in relieving the itching and inflammation.


  • Warm spoon- take a metal spoon and run it under hot water for several seconds.  Then place the warm spoon directly to the bite for a minute.  The heat kills the enzymes that causes the itching and swelling.  It is important to not make the spoon too hot our it can cause a burn.


  • Baking soda and salt paste- a 50/50 mix of salt and baking soda mixed with enough warm water to form a paste, should be applied to the bites and left to dry in place.  It will draw the itching and the inflammation out of the bite.Photo Credit: Deposit Photos/JackyBrown


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