honey dripping from a honey server Most of us use honey as an alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners, and are completely unaware of the potent healing power that lies within each glistening amber drop that made honey the oldest known medicine in continuous use.

Modern studies show an enzyme added to the nectar by the bees during production gives honey mild antibacterial and antibiotic properties. As honey breaks down, this same enzyme generates a naturally forming hydrogen peroxide, which kills harmful bacteria and naturally debrides the wound.

When applied topically, honey has been found to reduce inflammation and to promote the growth of healthy tissue. As is always the case, it is best to consult a healthcare provider to receive competent advice on caring for burns, injuries and other conditions, the following information is provided to highlight the many therapeutic uses of honey.

Burns- Studies have shown that burns treated with raw honey, have a faster healing time, less pain and less scaring than burns treated with traditional ointments and preparations.

Cuts and Scrapes- Cuts and scrapes treated with raw honey heal significantly faster and have less scarring than those treated with antibiotic creams.  Raw honey can be used in the same manner as an antibiotic cream.

Acne- Apply a thin layer of raw honey to acne prone skin.  Allow to sit for 10 minutes and rinse with warm water.  Not only will it help to reduce breakouts, it also encourages the skin to heal and limits scarring.

Honey truly is a golden gift.


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