white daisiesIt is spring! The calendar for the United States tells us that even if the weather outside says something different. Spring is viewed as a time of rebirth and renewal. What can you do with your caree to move from a winter to a spring mindset?


Use these ideas to get you started on your own ideas. Adapt them to your caree’s abilities. You can incorporate other family members into these ideas as well.


–    When the weather allows, open the windows and let in the fresh air.

–    Go outside and enjoy the warmer weather.

–    Blow bubbles outside.

–    Try birdwatching. Check a book out of the library or do some research on the internet to help identify the birds you see. Make a list of the birds and keep track of how many different birds visit your yard.

–    Get a bird feeder, birdhouse or birdbath and put it where it can be seen from the house.

–    Plant flowers and enjoy their beauty.

girl blowing bubbles–    If you don’t have an outside area, plant an indoor herb garden and use the results in your cooking.

–    Play ball! Or rather, watch a ball game. If it’s too difficult or expensive to go to a professional ball game, go to an amateur game. Watch the local high school frosh-soph, junior varsity, or varsity team play a game. They love fans! Attend a Little League game in the local park. If you really want to warm your heart, watch a Challenger game. The Challenger team is made up of players with special needs and people who assist them such as their parents or volunteers. Every player hits as the ball is pitched to them until then do hit the ball, and every player makes it around all the bases and makes a home run!

–    Go for a walk.

–    Pick one plant, and watch it to see how it develops as spring moves into summer. Take a picture of it on a weekly basis to record the progress so you can remember how the plant looked as it blooms and grows.


Enjoy this beautiful season of the year and your life.

image credit: daisies: G-J Heins, bubbles: Deposit Photos/ridofranz


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