Spring is a time of awakening and rejuvenation.  Watching the earth renew itself and bring forth flowers and greenery gives us hope.  It also gives us a reason to get outside!
Our elder loved ones need the chance to experience the joy that spring brings too. I was watching a video and one elder who suffers from dementia stated “there is nothing worse than having nothing to do”. 
I’ve collected a few activities that can easily be done by elders or ways that they can feel like a contributing member of the household. 
1. Fill the bird feeders or feed the birds (that’s my father above; he LOVED “his” geese.)
2. Water the plants.  Sure they may get wet but watering is so rejuvenating and clothes can easily (usually) be changed. 
3. Plant some seeds in pots for a windowsill or patio garden – dill, basil, cilantro, lavendar, plarsley, mint, thyme, oregano, chives, marigolds, pansies are the easiest to grow. 
4. Separate the spring bulbs into groups or place the bulbs right side up after the planting area has been prepared for them. 
5. Help with spring cleaning by emptying out a closet. (Of course, you will be the one who puts the items back into place, but they can help by putting those items that are going to be donated into a box or bag.)
6. Go for a walk.  It’s good for both of you. 
7. Watch the food network shows and write down recipes.  This may help to jog your loved-one’s memory about an old recipe that they used to make, which can then be noted and kept for a family cookbook.
8.  Pull weeds – I hate to even bring this one up, because it’s not seen as fun, but my father really enjoyed pulling weeds in his later years. It got him out in the fresh air and gave him a sense of accomplishment.
9.  Deadhead flowers. Deadheading is the process of pinching off the spent blooms of flowers such as marigolds, geraniums, pansies, etc., so that they will produce more blooms.
10. Wash the tops of the patio tables and the seats of the chairs. Fluff the cushions.
Certainly, we don’t want to make slaves of our elderly loved ones, but by participating in family chores, they will feel that they are contributing and will ultimately feel better about themselves.
What other activities have you found that help your aging loved one to feel included?


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