March is National Women’s History Month and while I feel we have come a long way, there are many obstacles still remaining.  Just last night, as my mom and I were watching the news, we learned that male nurses still make more than female nurses.  Nursing is a profession where the skillset and expertise are very consistent so there should be no reason for this.  The infographic below, which Holiday Retirement kindly gave permission to repost, shows that as of 2013, women were still paid only 78% of what men were paid.  And as you know, the majority of caregivers are still women.

Holiday Retirement surveyed more than 4000 of their female residents about women’s issues and one thing I found very surprising was that 19% thought that there would never be a female president.  That’s quite a significant number!

The infographic also provides some other very interesting statistics.  Which milestone do you think is most significnt?

infographic on 20th century Milestones for Women

continuing infographic


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