Senior women in wheelchair holding hands with caretaker

When you are providing in home care, it’s important that you consider how this will

impact your caree, you, your family, and especially the home where you will be providing care.

Whether you are providing care in your home or in the home of the person receiving care,

you will need to make sure that certain adjustments are made to ensure safety and quality.


Ample Entry/Exit Access to the Home

If the person needing care is in a wheelchair or other device to get around more easily,

you will want to make sure that the dimensions to enter and exit the main part of the

house are able to accommodate them. Most doorways designed for wheelchair access

require between 32 to 36 inches in width.


You will also need to account for any steps into and out of the home. It may be necessary

for you to provide ramps so those using a wheelchair, scooter-like devices or walkers can

easily enter and exit the home. For those individuals who are more mobile, you may

want to consider installing railings for enhanced security and safety.


Ample Access Throughout the Entire Home

In addition to providing easier entry and exit access, you will also need to ensure that the

pathways inside the home have the same capabilities. This is especially true of the room

the individual will reside in as well as the bathroom they will be using. Pathways and

entryways should be clear of clutter and any items that can obstruct traffic.

Whenever possible, essential items such as toiletries, clothing, and food should also be

placed in areas that are easily accessible for individuals to provide them with some level

of independence.


Easy Access to Bathroom Facilities

If the individual needing care is able to use the restroom independently, it will be

important for them to have easy access to the facilities. Not only being able to easily

enter and exit the restroom but when it comes to using the actual facilities as well.

You may need to consider making adjustments to the toilet, tub and/or shower to

accommodate someone with limited mobility. Adding such items as a walk-in tub or

hydrotherapy shower can give the individual more independence and privacy. It can also

help to improve their well-being with regular grooming habits. Additional space may

also be needed within the room if you or another caregiver is required to assist the

individual with bathing.


Access to Other Levels in the Home

Ideally, you will want the individual to remain on one level of the home. This will

prevent having to worry about providing additional access to other rooms and any

If this isn’t possible, such as when a bathroom is only accessible on a separate level from

the main area of the house or in relation to the area where the individual resides, you may

need to have a stair lift installed. Ensuring they have quick and easy access to necessary

areas of the home will help to prevent accidents and mishaps.


Furniture That Provides Assistance with Mobility

Most people requiring in home care have limited mobility and may require special care

and attention to stand from a seated or lying down position. They may also need to

remain in bed or in a recliner-type chair for rest or recuperation.

In these cases, a regular chair or bed won’t provide the flexibility necessary for comfort.

You may want to invest in a chair or bed that allows for multiple positions and assists in

helping the person to sit or stand. If the person has mobility issues, you may also want to

consider placing these items in close proximity to the restroom they will be using for

added convenience.


By making these adjustments to your home, you will provide a better and safer

environment for you, your family, and the person requiring the care. Some adjustments

are easy and can be done in a small amount of time. Other adjustments will require some

investment on your part as well as time to make the renovations to your home.

Evaluate your home prior to providing care so any needed adjustments can be made

ahead of time. This will help to prevent any additional stress and allow for a healthy

environment for everyone involved.


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