It is an exciting experience to observe and explore new places and monuments. A visit to a new site can change your whole perspective of the world, so I encourage people to travel more and visit new places. 


Travelling to a new destination in today’s era is not so difficult, thanks to the internet, GPS, and other technologies. You can easily book tickets of best airline service online and even get promo codes for best deals. For instance, you can check out Aeromexico promo codes on search engines to grab the best offer. 

If you are a frequent traveler, you would like to check out this material for some of the high flying tips that will allow you to have a joyful and hassle-free journey. Now let’s talk about your travel partner. You may not have a friend to take with you on a trip every single time, and without friends, you will lack a person to talk and share your joy. 


However, if you have ideas about making friends, you will never lack company. 

How to make new friends while visiting new places?

Having a friend with you can amplify your joy, and it is even exciting to share your story and experience with new people of a different culture. Here are the seven tips that will allow you to get along with folks around you quickly. 

Chat on transit

Likely, you will often have multi-hour transit on your way to the specific location. Do not take the waiting time on transit as something boring. Instead, you can utilize that free time as the opportunity to make new friends. Making friends on transit is excellent as you already have some issues that you can chat with the people next to you. 


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Some people around you may not be compelling enough for you to chat for a longer time, but you do not have to lose your heart because of that. There will always be enough people around you who would be just as willing as you to make some friends. The only thing you have to do is strike a conversation and see how far it goes. 


Talk about your hobbies, interests, your plans, and so on, when you are trying to start a conversation. You can talk to people whether you are travelling by train, bus, or an aeroplane. 


Take part in exciting and adventurous activities

One study shows that around 40% of the US and the UK workforce will be individual contractors by 2020. Why am I mentioning this report to you here? It somewhat indicates how many people want more free time, and it also shows that many people wish to travel and work. 


One of the best ways to get along with strangers is by participating in exciting and adventurous tasks. It allows you to talk about hobbies, new experiences, and more quickly. 


The activities could be anything like bungee, rafting, going out for group trekking, or something else. There is an excellent chance that the people that you talk with could be interested in participating in some other activities together.  

Get in touch online

You must have heard of how many couples met online, fell in love, and got married. The study shows that the internet or online dating sites to be more precise have led to more stronger and diverse relationships. 


In your case, you do not even have to go to that extreme level, as you are only looking to make friends online in the place that you are planning to travel. However, you must do due diligence, as there are many scammers online. 


Like dating sites, there are plenty of online communities/websites that allow you to get in touch with someone travelling to the same destination. 


Bumble is one of the sites that let you connect with the travellers who are planning to fly to the same destination in advance. Here is the list of useful apps that can help you out. In addition to those sites, you can also publish something about your plan to find travel partners or to recommend someone to contact. 

photo of apps on a phone

Attend local events


You will find no trouble finding local events, especially when you have an internet connection on your smartphone. Some of the types of local events are cultural programs, music exhibition, festivals, concerts, and so on. 


If you are a foreigner, people will be more than happy to talk about the specific events, assuming that people in that city are friendly. 


Be curious when trying to know more about the area that you are living and also the particular event. Ask questions about the history, the significance of the program, and so on. After that, do not hesitate to ask the name and get in touch later. 

Consider a hostel stay

There is no harm in staying in some fancy hotels, but it may not always be a good idea if you are not on a group trip. Instead, you should strongly consider staying at a hostel, even though it sounds counter-intuitive. 


There is no more natural way to socialize than staying in a hostel, in my opinion, because you are visiting, eating, and doing things together. You can talk to other people who have stayed in a hostel when travelling abroad to see whether they had a good experience or not. Most of them will most probably have a great experience.  


Some of you might be concerned about finding a safe hostel, but thanks to the site like hostelworld, it is incredibly easy to find a safe, private room for you. 

Learn local languages

Some people freak out when they hear about learning new languages, but let me tell you that there is no need to be scared of learning. Some of you might be surprised to know that the majority of people in numerous least developed and developing nations or non-native English speaking countries are bilingual or multilingual. 


Learning a language does not mean that you need to attain mastery of the word, but only reaching a conversational level is enough for most of us. There are apps like Duolingo and others where you can acquire a new language for free. 


The people will be eager to know more about you and your experience when you interact with the local people in their mother tongue or the national language. It will give them a signal that you want to get closer to them. 

Blend into the living style of the locals

You could also consider homestay or eating with locals for a genuinely authentic experience. Try interacting with people around you, say yes if they invite you to their house, and connect with their family members as well. 

4 midlife people enjoying a picnic in the country



It is going to be fun, and you will end up having deep connections with some of them. 

Over to You

I think you will be able to make enough friends throughout your trip if you follow the tips that I’ve mentioned here in this article. Some of the people that you meet along the way can turn out to be buddies later, so you can ask for their social contact information with the ones that share similar views as yours. 


Having said all that, you also need to keep in mind that you may find many scammers and jerks when you are travelling (esp in the least developed and developing nations). That’s it for this article. Is this material useful? Share your thoughts and ideas with our community and let’s interact. 


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