For anyone who is or has been a caregiver, this  hysterical look at caregiving from the view of “The Midlife Gals”, who tout themselves as “Two twisted middle-aged sisters from Texas with a computer and a camera”, will have an impact!

Although, this is a parody, I love it because it makes light of the difficult situations that we, as caregivers, face every day.  I can’t tell you how often I’ve said “I’m done!  That’s it!  I’m sending him back to my Mom ! ”  only to realize that the idea was not a viable solution.  And so I trudged on.

My father, when he was healthier told EVERYONE that he was going to live to be 100.  It was at those times that I thought……….I can’t last another 13-14 years !  How will I ever get through this?

Then there was the time that I discovered my father with my Pampered Chef Kitchen Sheers (NOT CHEAP! ) which he was using to cut his toe nails.  He then explained that  the clippers were VERY old and that he had obtained them in an exchange with some Natives when he used to work for the forestry services in Canada.  (He did work for the forestry service who employed Natives as guides, but I doubt they carried Pampered Chef Kitchen sheers with them).  🙂

We often feel likes slaves and somehow at the mercy of our care recipients, but if we just step back and see the humour in some (I said “some” ) of our daily life experiences, we can begin to giggle – which is very good for stress relief.

My cousin, who had also been a caregiver for her father, offered me sound advice: Cherish these times with your father, because there WILL come a day, and it will come all too quickly, when he will no longer be with you.

Yes, it came much too quickly.


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