We were introduced to Dry Farm Wines in July of 2022 when we were gifted a couple of bottles to try.  We wanted to discuss the Dry Farms Wine Membership program on our wine podcast Wine Time Fridays. I was originally interested in their wines because they are lower in sulfites, lower alcohol, sugar-free (therefore lower carbs) and are dry-farmed organically (without irrigation). I have several friends who would like to drink wine but have trouble with the sulfites and I often recommend these wines for them.

The wines we tasted were:

  • The 2020 Anima Mea Vignobles Günther-Chereau
  • The 2021 Beaujolais Nouveau Domaine du Penlois

Both were wonderful!

Here are some other reasons we like Dry Farm Wines:

Dry Farming

First off, let’s talk about dry farming. This is an old-school way to grow grapes. Instead of using irrigation systems, the vines rely on natural rainfall. This makes the plants grow deeper roots and produce healthier grapes. The result? More flavorful and complex wines. Plus, it’s better for the environment!

High Standards and Pure Wines

Dry Farm Wines picks only the best organic wines from around the world. They have super high standards, so you know you’re getting something special.

Organic and Clean

All their wines come from vineyards that use organic or biodynamic farming. That means no synthetic chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides. These practices are not only good for the planet but also for you.

Lab-Tested for Purity

Each bottle gets lab-tested. These wines are sugar-free, with less than 1 gram of sugar per liter. Yes, even the rosé, sparkling, and white wines! Also, the alcohol content is kept in check. None of the wines have more than 12.5% alcohol, compared to the usual 14 – 16% that we’re seeing these days which I love.

Natural and Non-GMO

Forget about lab-made yeasts. Dry Farm Wines uses natural, non-GMO yeasts found on the grapes. This natural fermentation keeps the wine authentic and delicious.

Tasting the Best

Choosing a wine you’ll love can be tricky, but Dry Farm Wines makes it easier. Their team of experts tastes each wine multiple times. They ensure each bottle is elegant, vibrant, and, of course, tasty. They’re so confident you’ll love it, they back each bottle with a 100% Happiness Promise. If you don’t enjoy it, they’ll replace it!

Supporting Small Growers

Dry Farm Wines supports small, family-owned vineyards. These growers use traditional farming practices and focus on native grapes. They’re all about organic and dry farming, which is good for the environment and supports biodiversity.

Why Pick Dry Farm Wines?

When you choose Dry Farm Wines, you’re getting more than just a great bottle of wine. You’re choosing:

  • Health: Sugar-free and lower alcohol means you can enjoy without guilt.
  • Sustainability: Organic and dry farming practices help save the planet.
  • Quality and Purity: Every bottle meets strict standards and tastes amazing.
  • Support of Small Family Growers

Different Levels and Types of Membership

  • Classic Reds
  • Bold Reds – full-bodied wines like Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Bordeaux.
  • Pinot Noir Only
  • Classic Whites
  • Extra Low Alcohol – featuring a mix of wines all under 11.5% ABV
  • Rose’ and Bubbles
  • Design Your Own -with this one, you can also make a single purchase without becoming a member.

Whether you love wine or just enjoy a glass now and then, Dry Farm Wines has something for you. Their wines are perfect for any occasion—dinners, parties, or just chilling at home. Each sip reflects a commitment to tradition and sustainability.


Dry Farm Wines isn’t just another wine company. It’s a movement for better, healthier, and more eco-friendly wine. By trying their wines, you’re not only treating yourself but also supporting a great cause.


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