shelly featuredAs you may know, my father was admitted to the hospital this past Tuesday. Some of you may also know that I signed up to take a ballet class last night. Why on earth would I be excited to take a dance class while my father is lying in a hospital bed?

Because………..as a care giver, I must also take care of myself. As my father’s health is declining quickly, I have not been able to do much of that lately. I needed to find an escape from the worry, the daily care giving tasks and the reality that these may be the last few weeks of my father’s life.

What can you do in your own life that will offer you something to look forward to, something to take your mind off the worrying and your care giving duties. I challenge you to find something and to DO it.

I wanted to share with you the following video. (And thank you to a Twitter friend for sharing it with ME.) Although it was not my inspiration to return to ballet classes, it IS inspiring me to continue because I have to face the fact that some day in the future, I will not be a care giver any longer.



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