One in seven people entering the hospital needs a blood transfusion. You would think that people admitted to the hospital after an accident would be the ones that would require blood the most often, but that’s not true.  Actually, people who receive the most blood include those who are being treated for cancer, undergoing orthopedic surgeries, undergoing organ and marrow transplants,  undergoing cardiovascular surgeries or being treated for inherited blood disorders. Many of these conditions relate to our loved ones to whom we are providing care.


I’m writing this article to encourage you to think about donating blood.  One whole blood donation has the potential to help up to three patients and will take less than an hour of your time. That’s potentially three lives that you might be able to save each time you give blood. Blood can be given every 56 days, up to 6 times per year.

In addition to whole blood, you can also donate platelets or plasma. Platelets can help with cancer treatments and because they have a shelf life of only 5 days, donations are always needed.  Plasma contains important proteins and nutrients that help treat severe burns, traumas, blood clotting disorders, organ transplants and premature infants.  Plasma can be given more frequently.  You may or may not be able to donate blood or blood products depending on your medical history, age or weight but I would encourage you to find out more. It’s an easy way to give back and can truly make a difference.

The local blood center in my area is:

Inland Northwest Blood Center  in Spokane – find out more by visiting BeImpulsiveRSVP.com
Facebook: Inland Northwest Blood Center
Twitter: @INBCsaves

You can also check BioLife in Coeur d’Alene for plasma donations.

Other centers in the U.S. are:

• Cleveland, Ohio – LifeShare 
Facebook: LifeShare Community Blood Services
Twitter: @LifeShare4Life

• Colorado Springs, Colorado – Bonfils Blood Center
Facebook: Bonfils Blood Center
Twitter: @bonfilsdotorg 2

• El Paso, Texas – United Blood Services
Twitter: @BloodHeroes

• Lubbock, Texas – United Blood Services
Twitter: @BloodHeroes

• Phoenix, Arizona – United Blood Services
Twitter: @BloodHeroes

• New Jersey/New York – Community Blood Services
Facebook: Community Blood Services  
Twitter: @cbsblood

• San Francisco, California – Blood Centers of the Pacific
Facebook: Blood Centers of the Pacific
Twitter: @bloodcenters

• Sacramento, California – Blood Centers of the Pacific
Facebook: Blood Centers of the Pacific
Twitter: @bloodcenters

• Memphis, Tennessee – Lifeblood
Facebook: Lifeblood Memphis
Twitter: @Lifeblood_Org

How can YOU get involved? Find out at BeImpulsiveRSVP.com. #BeImpulsive.

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Full disclosure: I received payment to write and publish an article about blood donations, but as always, all opinions are mine.


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