Set of decorative cosmetics on light background

I haven’t worn much make-up for a very long time – usually, just mascara, a bit of blush and some lip gloss, because I rarely went anywhere “important”.  But now that I have joined a group of woman, I’m feeling compelled to wear a bit more again. I had heard that as we age, we should wear much less make-up but then I accidentally stumbled upon a YouTube video on make-up technique for older women which shows that it can still enhance our appearance if done the right way. My mother is 92 and she still wears make-up when she goes out.

This particular tutorial’s subject matter is about working with a “hooded” eyelid, something that most of us have by the time we hit the caregiving years. I thought I would share it with you in case you’ve been looking for some advice in this area. It leads to a website where they sell the products but the tutorial should work with any line of beauty product you happen to have. The company also has videos on warm-toned and cool-toned applications.

Let me know what you think!


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