As people age, their muscles tend to weaken and mobility may start to decrease. The home they have grown to know and love may no longer be fully accessible because of the stairs that lead upstairs to a bedroom or downstairs to a laundry room. There are a number of options available for those who have trouble getting up and down the stairs such as senior living, moving to a single level home, or having a stair lift installed. All of those options are great and will surely keep anyone who has limited mobility much safer. However, many people prefer to stay in their home because they are close to their family and friends, and familiar with the local community. In fact, 87% of people age 65+ prefer to stay in their current home. So, the best and actually most affordable solution for those who have a difficult time navigating the stairs is a stair lift.


Stair lifts, also known as a chair lift or stairway lift, makes it safe and easy for those with limited mobility to get up and down the stairs. There many types of models available that one can consider and plenty of information that one can find about each type. However, the vast amount of information available can make the process of buying a stair lift overwhelming and confusing. Here’s an article listing 16 things to consider before purchasing one but to simplify the process and ensure it is the best solution for you, consider visiting a local stair lift showroom! Below are four reasons that explain why a visit to a showroom can be extremely helpful and make your decision much easier.


  1. Up-Close Look at a Stair Lift

A stair lift is a product that many prefer to see in-person. There are many pictures and videos online that show what a lift looks like and how it operates. However, seeing the product in-person makes it much easier to visualize what it would look like on the staircase at home. It enables users to see the actual color of the rail and upholstery. Lastly, it will provide an up-close look at how much available space there is with a lift installed on the stairs. This is important because often times there are other family members that will need to use the stairs.


  1. Enables the User to Learn How a Stair Lift Operates

A stair lift is not a product that is difficult to use, but it is important that the person who will be using the lift knows all the controls before it gets installed. A visit to a local showroom will allow the user to ride the lift, learn all the controls, and feel its smooth ride. Some of the basic controls are:

  • Toggle switch – the button on the arm of the chair that enables the chair to travel up or down the stairs
  • Swivel seat– When riding up and down on the lift in the showroom, will be able to see if you can swivel the chair manually. – If you find its too hard, don’t worry! There are power swivel options available
  • Feel the smooth ride – A test ride will enable the user to feel the lift’s smooth ride


  1. Can’t Decide Which Model is the Best? Compare & Contrast Different Stair Lift Models

Most showrooms have more than one operational stair lift that is available for visitors to test ride. If there is more than one model being considered, make sure to test ride each one when visiting a local showroom. Test riding each model will allow the user to see which one has smoothest ride, and is the easiest to operate. A simple test ride can make the decision between two models that are being considered much easier!


  1. Get Questions Answered In-Person by a Stair Lift Expert

Yes, there are many companies that can answer questions over the phone, but being able to talk to an expert in-person is often much more helpful. After test riding a lift, there may be more questions that come to mind as the user will now have more of an understanding of what it is required to operate the lift and safely get on and off of it. This also enables the expert to have a better understanding of the user’s mobility and recommend the best possible solution.


So, if you decide that a stairlift is the best option for you or a loved one, consider visiting a local showroom. If you live in the Chicagoland area, consider visiting Lifeway Mobility’s stair lift showroom.  There is nothing like being able to see a product in person, and try it out before deciding to purchase it!





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