* The nice people at CozyPhones gifted these to me to review. My opinions are always my own.

CozyPhones are a listening option for those who don’t like in-ear earphones.

I’ve never liked in-ear earphones. Perhaps it has something to do with witnessing all those off-key singers who somehow couldn’t remember that they were the only ones hearing the music from their Walkmans!  Ha! Remember those? Regardless, I must have made a subconscious vow not to be like them. So I opt for a listening experience that doesn’t drown out the sounds around me.

The winter months are upon us and so I chose to try CozyPhones pink Active Headband Headphones because they also help keep your ears warm! Plus, they matched my shoes! When I’m walking or working in the yard, I can listen to music or a podcast because who doesn’t want to multi-task!? They’re made of lycra mesh on the interior though so when the weather gets warm, they will still keep your head cool. The braided cable doesn’t tangle or kink and the headphones come with a travel bag so you can take them with you. They also have a line of headband headphones made for sleep and relaxation/meditation.

Check out their kids line!

As much as I like the adult version of the headphones, their children’s line is really what got my attention. They are THE CUTEST! They have headphones with characters from Sesame Street, Batman, Paw Patrol, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, unicorns, bunnies and more! At less than $20.00, they’re a good value and would make great gifts! I actually thought about asking for the bunny CozyPhones but how would that look on a review!?

I hope you’ll check them out!   You can also find them on Amazon!



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