You might save money by using Disputebills

Recently, I was contacted by a representative from Disputebills. Their stated mission is to reduce each of their customer’s healthcare cost per year by 20% or more through their bundled services.  I thought it might be worth a look.

Disputebills is a national brand based in Chicago,IL. Today their core service is medical bill reduction, focusing on bill review and negotiation. Because they want to expand their services and tools to include a more holistic healthcare savings initiative, they’ll soon be launching the CleanBill Savings Card.  For $19.99/mo, this all-inclusive bundled offering includes:
  • Unlimited monthly use of our bill review and negotiation services
  • 24/7 unlimited access to telemedicine services through the nation’s largest telamed platform
  • National prescription drug discounts of up to 70% at over 65,000 pharmacies
  • National vision and dental discounts up to 50%
  • Pre-negotiated discounts for chiropractic, labs and diagnostic imaging nationwideWhile the card may be good, I think the bill review and negotiation could be great!
Their Story

Co-Founder Matt Moulakelis faced the challenge of medical debt after his father suffered from a near-fatal heart attack in 2013. $156,000 in surprise bills prompted a question. What if these bills are incorrect? Over $100,000 in savings later and DisputeBills was born. Now, an advocate for patients nationwide, DisputeBills has become a leader in medical bill review and reduction services.

Insurance companies have employees who do nothing but dispute medical bills and they generally result in monetary reductions. It seems only fair that patients and their families should have the same option.  Check it out to see if it’s right for you.

Let me know what you think.

(Just FYI, I’m not paid an affiliate commission or sponsor fee for this post.)



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