Finding Your Why 

It’s autumn and most kids have returned to school.  And while I haven’t returned to any formal institutional education, I am in the midst of an intensive business course.
One of the questions our instructor asked us today was “What is the reason that you are in business?  What is your “why”….and believe me, it’s not about the money.”  Well, I do know my reasons for being in this business but that got me to thinking about “other whys”.
When I was caring for my father, there were times of great frustration, lonliness, disappointment and even anger.  There were also times of great joy and love.  But during the rough times, I would sometimes complain to my cousin or to my sister or to my Mom.  My mom’s answer was always “send him here and I’ll look after him.”  (Believe me, that wasn’t an option.) 
Assisted living facilities or memory facilities were an option but I would not consider them.  I knew my father didn’t want to go there and because of my experiences when I was a nursing student, I HATED nursing homes (I’m sure they’re much better now, but still not my choice for my father.)
Most caregivers arrive at their destination by accident.  It is infrequent that I hear that a caregiver has planned to become a caregiver.  But once they become a caregiver, they realize that there are some options.
So what is your “why”….your reason for doing what you do……your purpose?
And please don’t cross your arms and say “I had no choice” because you did.  The alternative may not have been GOOD but there was an alternative.
So my request to you is that sit quietly and contemplate your reason(s) for being a caregiver.  I think that once you feel that it was a choice, you will feel more power and find purpose in what you do. 
I’d love to hear some of your reasons. 


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