senior couple eating dinner, wearing tidy top apronIt’s always nice to be able to support a local business especially when that business aligns with your own passion to serve seniors and caregivers.

Carla Pennington Kirby is the owner of Tidy Top, a stylish product that solves the problem for those moments when spills can ruin a dining experience. And although this product was made with seniors in mind, it’s an excellent way to prevent clothing stains when drinking coffee in the car or dining on the airplane. In my case, I wish I had been wearing one when the small child sitting next to me on the plane managed to get chocolate on my brand new silk blouse.


Below is Carla’s story as she tells it, followed by a short video of her product.

They say “Necessity is the Mother of Invention” and my mother, with Multiple Sclerosis, had those occasional “oops” moments while dining, but preferred not to wear a “bib”.  When she asked me to find something stylish to wear, I couldn’t.  There was nothing out there that went to the lap and was dignified, stylish or fun… SO, I made my own!  She loved it and in no time, her guy and gal pals in her retirement home were asking for one, too.

That was the start of TidyTop, a stylish, reversible, stain resistant accessory for dining. The fabric is the key. It is so functional it can be wiped off or washed. There is a pocket for tissue, glasses or phone and a tote to store it and comes in 4 patterns.  It’s not a bib, it’s a TidyTop!

If you have a loved one who needs help with dining spills, check out the short video below.  You can view more or order at www.tidytop.com.   Bon Appetit!



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