Vimtag camera atop red antique cabinet

Although I work from home, my office is downstairs from where my mom hangs out and I can’t always be sure she’s completely safe.  I’m pretty sure I could hear if she took a tumble and fell to the floor, and I do check on her every couple of hours, but I wanted something where with a quick glance, I could see she was fine.

When I was offered the chance to test out the new Vimtag surveillance camera, I was excited to give it a whirl.

I was expecting some huge, complicated system, but it was so easy to set up.  It took less than 5 minutes. The camera has a power cable and an Ethernet cable.  It can also work wirelessly which is great because the DSL router is also downstairs in my office. This camera is less than $100.00 which I find amazing. Other cameras can be added to the system to create a larger or multiple viewing areas.

The camera requires an SD card to save the videos it records but I don’t need to save the video so I bypassed that part of the set-up.  The SD card needs to be purchased separately as it is not included in the kit.

There are two ways to view what the camera is seeing: from an app called MIPC and from the PC at MIPCM.com.   The picture is very clear (so clear that I could see the reflection from the television in a picture frame) and the camera can be turned in four directions right from my phone, tablet or PC. So If I don’t see Mom sitting in her chair, I can turn the camera to scan the hallway to see if she has gone to her room.

view of chair where Mom sits from the Vimtag camera

I get up early and head to the office downstairs while Mom sleeps for another two to three hours. With the camera, I can see that she is up, has her coffee and is reading her paper. When I see her put the crossword puzzle down, then I usually head upstairs for a short chat.

A microphone is also included in the camera system so for instance, if the doorbell rang, I could speak through the camera to tell Mom not to answer the door, that I would be right there.

I love this camera and cannot believe that such a quality camera is available at such an inexpensive price.

This post is sponsored by Vimtag. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about the camera I only share information I feel is relevant to our readers and I’m always completely honest about the experience, be it positive or negative.  Vimtag is not responsible for the content of this article.


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