*This is a sponsored post by the makers of DreamWell ULTRA but as always, my opinions are my own.

Do you have trouble getting to sleep? Are you not sleeping well?

If you’ve followed my blog or social media for a bit, you know that ever since menopause I have had trouble sleeping and am constantly searching for something that works. I do practice daily meditation – I’m currently participating in Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s free 21-Day meditation experience on “Perfect Health” and I’m working on other areas of my life which might interfere with sleeping well such as ditching the screens before bedtime, getting more exercise, etc.  But my father had this same problem, so there may be a heredity component to it.

I was offered a chance to try a new product from Stop Aging Now called DreamWell ULTRA, so I thought I would give it a shot!

Fall asleep faster!

DreamWell bottle with a capsule beside it.

DreamWell ULTRA was created to “help you fall asleep faster, stay in a deeper sleep longer and wake up feeling refreshed and alert for a truly satisfying sleep experience”. You take one capsule with a full glass of water 30-60 minutes before bedtime. (Always consult your physician before trying anything new, even supplements.)

DreamWell ULTRA features PharmaGABA, a concentrated form of natural GABA that’s shown to help quiet the mind and ease stress, so I’m excited to see if that helps with anxiety. It also contains 3 mg of extended-release melatonin to help you stay asleep all night. This formulation is said to allow you to wake up feeling refreshed and with no drowsiness.

How DreamWell ULTRA Helps:

  • it features clinically studied PharmaGABA® to combat feelings of stress, anxiety and nervousness, plus also helps reduce nighttime urination, promoting a night of better, uninterrupted sleep.
  • contains an advanced dual-release melatonin that delivers half immediately to help you fall asleep quickly, while the other half utilizes extended-release beadlets that are designed to help you stay asleep throughout the night
  • all of their products are rooted in nature and backed by peer-reviewed clinical studies.

In all honesty, I’ve been taking the DreamWell ULTRA for a couple of weeks now and even took it with me on a roadtrip. It worked… even in hotels where it’s not easy to sleep!

My readers can use coupon code SLEEPNOW to get 50% Off + Free Shipping on your first order of DreamWell ULTRA!

Other interesting products that I noted that this company makes:

CUR-Q10 ULTRA which is a high antioxidant curcumin CoQ10 complex which helps to fight inflammation
MenoEase360 ULTRA for menopausal comfort
Pure-C Radiant Skin Serum – a lot of my friends are highly recommending vitamin C serum.
AcidRelief360 ULTRA which contains licorice extract and a probiotic. I want to do more research on this one as I’ve heard studies about other acid-relievers which have shown adverse effects in the long run.

I hope you’ll check them out!




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