Alzheimer’s Disease – 5 Reasons Why Awareness Matters

November is National Alzheimer’s Awareness month and with this disease, awareness
really matters.

Novel methods for more accurate diagnoses and new drugs for better treatment will play
important roles in a comprehensive solution to the Alzheimer’s problem. However, a
careful look at how “awareness and education” can drive immediate progress reveals a
surprisingly optimistic scenario.

It may not be obvious, but better awareness and understanding of Alzheimer’s
symptoms and risks can bring tremendous short-term benefits. Such knowledge
can reduce healthcare costs, enable more timely and effective intervention, reduce
incidence of dementia, and accelerate scientific progress. This short article, “5 Reasons
Why Alzheimer’s Awareness Matters”, makes a clear case for the benefits of higher

Be a part of the solution. Increase your own awareness by reading this short article and
then promote the message more broadly by sharing it with your online networks.

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