Are you part of the sandwich generation?

Are you part of the sandwich generation?

In 2011, the first baby boomer turned 65. The number of boomers turning 65 increases dramatically every day. Many of these baby boomers are not only caring for aging parents but they are becoming aging parents. And while 65 certainly is not old, at least not to me, there are some folks of that age group who have developed early onset dementia and other health conditions that require some additional attention.

90% of those who are aged 65 and older say that they prefer to age in their own home and with families spread out across the country and even the world, it is doubtful that they will be invited to live with their own adult children and grandchildren.

Below are some great statistics on the shifting landscape of older adults created by the folks at Lively.com, an emerging technology {with a soft touch) that will help members of the sandwich generation to subtly keep an eye on the safety of their aging parents.

I’ll be writing more extensively about Lively in a future post.


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