Having been raised by an artistic Mom and a nature loving father who both love antiques, you can imaginge that my home is rather eclectic.  For instance, we have old iron stoves, wooden “ice boxes”,  a 1933 Wurlizter baby grand, vitrolas and other oddities scattered throughout the house.

Our yard is no different. We decided to “decorate” our yard with a blue and lime green theme which explains why you will find a rusted out blue wagon in the garden loaded with pansies, and a curious “allium bottle sculpture” in another area. 

"allium bottle sculpture"

"allium bottle sculpture"

The bottle sculpture was quite fun to make.  We had our local Cheesecake cafe saving blue Skye vodka bottles for us and then neighbors and friends started saving their blue wine bottles (from reislings and muscat canneli type wines) so pretty soon we had an overabundance of blue bottles (which was fine because we figured that there would be some breakage )!



Yesterday, I bought one of those sets512sWV3OdkL._SL210_ of hand-blown watering globes. You know the ones; “as seen on TV”.  These watering globes can be filled with water and placed in potted plants or along side plants that need a little extra water – and they come in blue and green !  SCORE!  They were $9.00 for a set of 2 and I thought that was a decent price. I only bought one set but planned to go back and get more if they worked out well.  The first one looked nice and seemed to work well when placed by a patch of Lilly of the Valley.  I showed it to my father and he said…that’s pretty; my mother used to do that with beer bottles.  WHAAAAAAAAAAT??  Beer bottles????  That’s pure genius ! Not only is it a way to “reduce, re-use and recycle…………it’s FREE !  And I have 42 empty blue wine bottles in the garage ! 

Dementia is a funny thing.  It’s never black and white. Statements concerning the present may often come out incorrectly but never assume that just because your loved one has dementia that they now have nothing to offer.  Every day, I learn more and more from my father about birds, trees, the war, different “antique” items, etc.  (He explained to me that something that I thought was a funnel was actually used on a stick for pounding/washing clothes – I remember that now from Granny on The Beverly Hillbillies.) 

So………I’m off to wash all those blue wine bottles .  I’ll post photos when they’re in postion .

Have a wonderful day.


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