Shelley tells us March 14th was officially International Ask a Question Day, so with
that in mind I wanted to ask the question… are you using your time as well as you
Do you have the days when you pull into the driveway and think – “oh darn, I forgot
mom’s prescriptions.  I also didn’t get the bed liners – and Oh NO! I forgot the
So you are tired, so tired.  You make your lists, but you have to rush because you
only have a short amount of time to leave your loved one in the care of someone,
perhaps a generous neighbor, or sometimes even leave them by themselves….

I pose the question, because if you are reading this blog, then you can learn how to
save yourself time and money.  I will share with you a service I provide my
clients……shopping on line.  Before you say I can’t do it, there are all those
sites, I don’t want to bother……..just stay with me for a few moments.  You can
go on line to ONE SITE, do all your shopping from home and even earn cash back.  How
can this be possible?  Well, it is.

I helped put together a list for my clients – things we just
discussed……something like

get the prescriptions I need and get them delivered
I need another safety handle for the bathroom and a larger non-slip tub liner
yes, always need baby wipes and sometimes need Depends ( – or any other brand of
“adult protection)
More skin lotion – we don’t want any cracked skin – especially in this cold weatherI
could go on and on…..and any of you can make your list…..and this is what you
need to do.

Go to www.shopmaryellen.com.  This will bring you to a site that has over 2000
partners – from Drugstore.com to Barnes and Nobles to JCPenny’s.  But the point is
that you CAN save time and money by shopping on line.  If you go to
www.shopmaryellen.com  , you can find all the stores you need – you can buy whatever
you need, it can be delivered – and, in some cases, you can actually get cash back
on your purchase.  The site I have set up for my clients – and now for you – will
find the best of whatever you need.  It will either compare prices and find you the
cheapest product, or the one that offers free delivery, or the one that can get you
what you need by tomorrow.

For example, I found that one problem that some caregivers came to me with is “the
person I care for has to take so many pills – and when it comes to the vitamins –
they just can’t take more pills.  What should I do?”  First of course is to talk
with your health care provider.  But I found that there are wonderful vitamins that
come in powder form and need only to be mixed with a bit of water and taste like
orange juice.  And helped solve the problem of the pills!  And I found I starting
taking the vitamins too, it was so easy.

The point is that – during the “ask yourself a question day”  – ask yourself what
can you do to make your caregiving a little bit easier?  Maybe it is actually
possible to use this darn computer for something that will help you and save you
time.  I set up www.shopmaryellen.com so you can have one place to go – please sign
in and make yourself a preferred customer and I can help you with your shopping.
And NO – I don’t get paid by the stores….I just want to make things easier for
caregivers.  Because I remember the nights I pulled in the driveway and realized I
forgot the major thing I needed.  Or pulled into the parking lot of a shop and I
couldn’t remember what I was there to buy.

So try this site and let me know what you think.  I can recommend all kinds of
products I know work and have made a difference to people.  But always, always check
with your doctor about anything – even vitamins.  I know there are products sold by
Market America that helped me as a caregiver.

So ….as the old saying used to go….try it, you’ll like it!   Try on line
shopping and let me help you.  Go to www.shopmaryellen.com.  And put your feet up
and have some coffee or tea while you are shopping.  I wish I found this site
before.  But now, I just put up my feet, after everyone is asleep, and go to
www.shopmaryellen.com and get whatever I need.

Please let me know how I can help you.  So, after you try the site – leave me a
message.  I hope the site www.shopmaryellen.com helps you as much as it has helped
others – and saves you time and energy.


*Note from Shelley: I’ve not used this method myself but Maryellen assures me that it works well for her.



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