Every year about this time, I do an assessment of my prior year and write out some goals for the coming year. I often also go through a values reassessment because I want my actions to align with my values. While nature, family, and security have always been on the list, what I have learned is that “fun” is not one of the values that are most important to me. I tended to view fun as being frivolous. And that’s a bit sad!

In the U.S.A., especially, we underestimate the importance of play. European countries seem to understand this better. They have much more vacation time and many fewer work hours… AND they are said to be happier.

Playfulness has been shown to give a greater capacity to cope with stress, leads to enhanced relationships, improved creativity, better mental health and contributes to healthy aging. A study in 2005 showed that playful older adults are happier, more joyful, and more enthusiastic in their approach to life.

Being playful is being in touch with our true selves!

Shelley is wearing Eva Trends Morgan Sweater

Here are some tips to be more playful:

1. Play a board game or a card game: Cribbage is one of our favorites.

2. Take up a new hobby: Try one of the new painting with spirits classes (basically drinking wine while painting) or knit one of those giant needle blankets that are all the rage.

3. Join a Zumba class: Fun and good for fitness!

4. Flirt: perhaps maybe with just your significant other. The EVA Trends sweater * that I’m wearing above could be worn with jeans, a long skirt or with tights. Wearing it with tights made a big impression on one person in our household. 馃槈

PS: This is one of the softest and most comfy sweaters I’ve ever had. It’s lightweight too so it can be worn year round.

5. Dance like no one is watch…. well, you know the rest.

6. Sing: even if it’s only when you’re alone!

7. Go play on the swings or hang from the monkey bars: you may want to wait till the kids go home… or not.

8. Watch a funny movie or a sitcom.

If you’re not already, I hope you’ll take some time to consider becoming more playful.

*This sweater was given to me by EVA Trends. You can find it and other grea clothing items at EVA Trends, where they’re currently having a big sale of up to 55% off direct discount for the spring-summer sales. And use coupon code: SHE15 and get 15% off your entire order.


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