I received the Hero and a year long subscription to their program as a gift for trying it out. All opinions are my own.

My review of the Hero Medication Management System

This is a review of the Hero Medication Management system, an automatic medication dispenser that uses Smart technology. Let me just start by saying that I wish this system was available when I was caring for my father… not because he then could have lived by himself but because it would have given him a bit more independence and control over his surroundings, thus a bit more self-esteem. Plus he loved technology even though, in the later years, he couldn’t use it.

But let’s face it, almost all of us miss a dose of medication every now and then, and as we age, the number of medications we take may increase, especially when we’re adding in supplements and other over-the-counter medications. I have a rare disease so I’ve had to take a large number of prescription pills daily since I was 15.

The Hero system makes it very easy to remember to take medications at the proper times as it alerts the user to dispense the exact medications for each scheduled time. The alert is loud enough that you’ll hear it throughout the house and it will also send an alert through an accompanying app on your phone. Once the alert sounds, you just push the button and the pills are dispensed into a cup. Once they are dispensed, there is another alert to remove the cup, take the pills and replace the cup. At this time, Hero will also let you know if you are low on any of the medications that are stored inside.

If a caregiver is involved, Hero sends an alert to their phone too. The caregiver can also get information about whether doses have been missed or not.

The Hero can hold up to a 90-day supply (depending upon size) of 10 different medications and they can be a combination of prescriptions, OTCs and supplements.  And it’s quite easy to set up. One note: the Hero cannot accept powdered, crushed, certain soft tabs or liquid preparations. Here’s a video showing how to begin.

My Experience with Hero

It was much larger than I thought it would be, but I guess because of the technology involved, it would have to be. It was very easy to set up. Once you turn on the machine, it walks you right through the process. I did choose to switch to the desktop rather than using the app when adding names of medications and dosages.


Hero Medication Dispensing System

The Hero can be locked and can also require a passcode to enable the use of the buttons.

Hero locks itself when the front door is closed but it comes with a key. If you are taking the meds yourself, and are maybe leaving the house before the exact time of your scheduled dose, you can open the door and get your meds. If you’re a caregiver to a patient with dementia, you can keep the key yourself and this lock is a handy way to keep the meds safely away. This could also be true if there are young kids in the house.

The directions for each step of medication filling are very specific.

Once you retrieve your medications and replace the cup, Hero will notify you as to when your next dose is scheduled.

Membership information

Yes, there is a monthly membership cost for the program, but it’s one of the lowest rates I’ve seen for such devices. And really, the cost of medical visits for those not taking their medications correctly could be much higher. Plus, if you’re a caregiver, there’s the added value of the independence granted to an aging parent or loved one.

The Hero Membership includes the Hero pill dispenser, the mobile app with continuous app and device updates and 24/7 support.  Normally a $99.99 initiation fee, right now, you can enjoy $50 off by using code SHELLEY50 making the cost a $49.99 initial fee and $29.99 per month. There is no shipping cost and there are free returns if you are not satisfied after 30 days. **If you decide to cancel before your first year of membership is complete, you will be charged the remaining balance for the year. After one year, you may cancel at any time and must return the medication dispenser.



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