For almost a week now, there has been a trending topic on Twitter that, thank heavens, is NOT related to Charlie Sheen.  It’s #threewordstoliveby

I’m sure that you’re somewhat familiar with Twitter but if you’re not a participant, you may not understand “trending topics” nor the reason that I placed a # sign in front of “threewordstoliveby”.

Trending topics are the most popular topics being discussed on Twitter around the world at a particular time.  They can be obvious like “Pray for Japan” or rather obscure like #uknowuugly.  Never-the-less, they tend to show what people are thinking about “right now”.

The # symbol is called a hashtag and is often used by people on Twitter.  You can click on anything with a # (hashtag) and bring up all Tweets related to that subject.

Anywaaaaaaay…….back to #ThreeWordsToLiveBy.

I asked the caregiving community what their three words to live by would be and got the following responses:

  • breath. rest. pray.
  • Serve like Jesus
  • Love them unconditionally
  • Remember their past
  • Get enough respite
  • Wine with dinner
  • Compassion, Communication, Coordination

I’d love to hear yours!


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