Vitamin pack made for Shelley

I was attending Social Media Week New York and a few weeks ago and learned of a new company that creates a personalized daily vitamin packet specifically made for your health needs, a company called Care Of.  I was excited to test their product and when they offered to send me a month of vitamins and supplements individualized just for me, I jumped at the chance!

I strive to be as healthy as possible and I know that the best option for getting the vitamins we need is to eat nutritious whole foods every day but getting all the nutrients we need is not always realistically possible. For instance, I live in an area where it’s difficult to get enough sun causing my vitamin D levels to be extremely low so I need to take additional vitamin D.  And sometimes taking one vitamin is not effective unless taking an additional type in order to increase absorption, etc. (the case with calcium and vitamin D).   It can be SO confusing! I have visited many vitamin isles only to walk out stressed (and without making a purchase).  And the vitamin stores… I’m never sure if they’re on commission because by the time they finish their recommendations, I could be hundreds of dollars in the hole.

vitamins and supplement info

For me, they chose Astaxanthin (for healthy skin support), Fish oil (for healthy heart), Ashwagandha (for support of memory and cognitive function), Rhodiola (supports endurance and recovery after exercise [they heard about the Divaz!]), Kanna (for focus and cognitive function) and Magnesium (for healthy bones).  I’m really happy with all these choices, especially those that support cognitive health and bone health, SO important for women over 50. And of course, supporting heart health is important too!

With each vitamin shipment, you also receive a booklet with information on each of the vitamins or supplements chosen for you.


information booklet

When I received my packet, they didn’t offer Quick Sticks. They’re new!  Quick Sticks are four deliciously flavored powders that quickly melt in your mouth: Dream Time (for your sleep), Gut Check (for your digestion), Extra Batteries (for your energy) and Pocket Protector (immune support).

Care/Of app

There is also an app you can download to unlock savings, set reminders and learn how your vitamins can help boost your health. It’s the Care/of App on the iOS system.

If you’d like to try these out for yourself, I’m pleased to be able to offer you a 25% discount off your first order. Just use promo code: SHELLEY at check-out!  Head over to Care Of and click on  “Get Started” to take their assessment.

vitamin packets

I love the quotes and questions that accompany each daily packet.

*I was gifted a free month of vitamins/supplements in exchange for my review and blog post but as you know, all my opinions are always my own.


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