Watching a loved one suffer can be incredibly tough, but it can prove to be even more difficult if that loved one needs help that they’d rather not receive.  This is often the case when a once independent parent is found to be living in a dangerously filthy environment.  Adult children are often surprised to discover this situation when they have not lived close-by for some time and then make a visit “home” to see Mom or Dad.

It’s only natural to want to protect and care for an elderly parent, but convincing a parent that they need help is not an easy task, and special care should be taken as to avoid making a loved one feel as if they are being punished.  Emphasis should be placed on the fact that assistance may enable the parent to continue to live independently as opposed to moving in with a relative or transferring to an assisted living facility.  A thorough discussion is also required to ensure that the loved one realizes that seeking help can actually allow more time to be spent with family or friends or focused on fun activities such as socializing or hobbies, rather than cleaning and assisting in activities of daily living.  Finding the most appropriate solution may not be easy, but there are multiple sources of assistance available.
Elderly individuals, particularly women, desire to keep their independence as long as possible.  One option is to retain the services of a home aide.  Such an individual typically offers such services as running errands, housekeeping, cooking, meal preparation and other tasks.  Depending on the level of care required, there are both weekly and daily schedules available.  In fact, some senior citizens have live-in aides that offer their services around the clock.  Many of the older population would rather have an aide than rely on assistance from family members, and this is one option that is available. if there are funds for such services.
The local Area Agency on Aging might have some programs for senior citizens who are living “independently” in their own homes and may provide some of these services either free of charge or for a very nominal fee.
Environmental chaos can also be caused by Alzheimer’s Disease or another type of dementia.  Depending upon other findings during the visit, a medical examination might be necessary to confirm that the elder can continue to live on his or her own even with supplemental assistance.
Sometimes, though, it may be necessary for a senior citizen to move in with one of their grown children or be transferred to an assisted living facility.  Both of these situations are very difficult ones to work through, but above all, the safety of the elder must be taken into consideration and a decision made with their best interest is the best one to make.


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