Are you entering your 50s and worried about intimacy in your later years? Don’t be!


While it’s true that many couples struggle with maintaining a healthy intimate life as they get older, this doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, couples are continuing to have sex later and later in life; actually, 54% of older couples still have intimate relations.


A physical connection is critical to a healthy relationship, no matter your age. So, whether your intimacy concerns are over factors like health issues, low energy levels, or medication side effects, it’s important to know that they can, and should, be acknowledged.


In this article, we’ll be exploring the different things you can expect from intimacy after 50 and how to address some common issues so you can maintain a happy, healthy relationship.


Physical changes

We all know that our bodies shift as we age, but it’s often difficult to imagine our intimate areas changing as well. However, the reality is that both men and women typically experience thinning tissue and weaker pelvic floor muscles as they grow older. Menopause in women can cause vaginal dryness and loss of elasticity which can sometimes make sex less enjoyable. In comparison, men have a higher risk of experiencing difficulty getting or maintaining an erection as they grow older, which can certainly interrupt a romantic night.


While these disorders can be disruptive to your sex life, they can be easily addressed with lifestyle changes or medications. For women, a vaginal moisturizer can help supplement natural moisture and elevate your pleasure. For men, a blood flow-boosting prescription like sildenafil can help fight erectile dysfunction and improve performance.


These treatments, along with a healthier diet and regular exercise routine, can improve your enjoyment in the bedroom.


Need for experimentation

As couples grow in their relationship, they often fall into a routine in both life and love. While this can be comfortable, it can also lead to a sense of boredom or unfulfillment in relationships. Instead of settling into a repetitive intimacy routine, you and your partner will likely benefit from a little experimentation.


Try out new positions, underwear that makes you feel sexy, or a steamy conversation. Testing out different activities can help rekindle a romantic spark and bring you and your partner closer together. It will make you find youthful intimacy inside and outside the bedroom and ultimately boost your enjoyment.


More satisfaction

Perhaps surprising to younger folks, many adults over 50 experience a surge in their desire levels, which only continues as they age. In fact, 70% of people over the age of 60 say their sex lives are more satisfying than they were in their younger years.


This is because at an older age, many adults feel much more comfortable in their own bodies, and therefore more confident during personal experiences. They’re able to relax and enjoy the moment, as well as share fantasies or new activities they want to try which opens the door to a more satisfying intimate relationship.


Keep in mind, however, that for most older adults, relationship quality is a more important factor in sexual satisfaction than just physical acts themselves. To improve your intimate pleasure, be sure you and your partner are engaging in regular relational maintenance like going on dates, having stimulating conversation, and showing each other small acts of love.


Don’t be timid of intimacy in your 50s. Instead, embrace it! Address concerns as they come up and continue enjoying yourself with your partner for years to come.



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