red lingerie on hangers

Let me ask you another question: would you be horrified if you were involved in an accident and your current state of lingerie affairs was there for the world to see? Well, that needs to change!

I know what you’re going to say: ‘I’m not going to waste money on underwear. Why bother? No one sees it.’ Or ‘I don’t have the body that can wear pretty underthings. I’m not 18 anymore!’

But wearing pretty lingerie is more about mindset than anything else. It’s not about seducing a man or woman; it’s about seducing yourself!  What you wear just for yourself sends a message to your psyche. Either you’re worth it… or you’re not.

There was a study done by The Beauty Bean called The 3 Day Hanky Panky Project where 3 women were given different styles of panties “to test”. They were interviewed prior to their trial of the panties and all 3 professed to be insecure about their bodies and that they felt a bit held back in their careers and love lives because of it. They felt the need to “cover up”.

After their trial, they professed to feel more self-confidence, felt an increase in their feminity and an over-all self-assuredness.  They were shocked at the difference pretty lingerie could make in their lives.

I’ve seen this in action. I was recently a participant in a fashion show with several of our OMag Insiders. Most of us were a bit uncomfortable taking on the role of a model as we are not the perfect size or shape (well, a couple of us were but most of us had some aspect of our bodies that were a concern TO US).  But clothing was chosen and styled for us (Spanx and all). We were fussed over and photographed. At the end of the experience, we all felt a little (or a lot) more confident in ourselves.


Budget concerns are no excuse. You don’t need to shop at fancy retail or online shops.  You can turn your lingerie stock up a notch by buying a different color or pattern or choosing an option with a bit of lace. For instance, Bali bras and panties come in blue, red and several cheeky prints!  Lace trimmed cotton panties can be found in Vanity Fair, Hanes and even Target lines.  TJMaxx and Marshall’s have some discounted options. Soma, pictured above, has many lovely options in very comfortable fabrics and can be purchased online. Their buy 3, get 2 free is a great bonus and even better when you receive 25% off-coupons via their email subscription.

According to Sally McGraw in an article for Huffington Post ” Wearing a gorgeous bra and knicker set beneath your clothes can be a way to honor your body, to keep a secret and subtle sexual charge going throughout the day, to feel pretty and powerful in a very private way.”

Caregivers don’t have a LOT of time for self-care. This is one quick and sweet way to show yourself some love. Please…. do it for you!


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