The ExtraCare Charitable Trust – a Different Senior Care Concept

We may be living longer but we’re not always living better.

There are many reasons for this: decreased availability of monies for health care and senior care programs, families that are spread out across the country and even the world now, and increasing rates of dementia diagnoses.

Just this week, the Alzheimer’s Association in the United States just released a startling statistic that said that 1 out of every 3 seniors who dies has some form of dementia! This increase may be due in part to war injuries, sports injuries and the longer life span of people with conditions that will ultimately lead to dementia.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, we are due for a silver tsunami in the very near future and we are NOT ready. There is much to be done here and throughout the world.

Recently I came across an organization in England called The ExtraCare Charitable Trust which looks hopeful as an alternative to nursing care homes. This charity operates 13 retirement villages and 17 smaller housing developments across the Midlands and the North of the UK.

What I found most exciting about it is that when a senior’s health begins to deteriorate or dementia rears its ugly head, the senior is still able to stay at their home and receive care there. As one resident put it, he feels they are AT home rather than IN a home.

Here’s a lovely video explaining the concept and their amenities.

What do you think of this concept?



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